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International Sales Process job at Flipkart

International Sales Process

Company - Flipkart

Salary Range
27000 - 29000
Office Location
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
0-1 year
Urgent Hiring International Voice Process
Minimum 1 year Experience
Posted : last year

FAQs about this International Sales Process job

Go through the FAQs below to find answers to all your questions about this job.

How to apply?

You can apply for International Sales Process at Flipkart in 2 simple steps-
  • 1. Click on Apply Now button at the bottom of the page
  • 2. Fill in your details. (Please fill correct details as it will be shared to recuriter)
    how to fill job application form
We will send you HR Contact Detail or Apply Link on Whastapp within few minutes.

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Is this a work from home job?

No, it’s not a work from home job and can’t be done online.

How to prepare for interview?

how to prepare for interview
Once you have applied for this job, you can prepare for International Sales Process at Flipkart interview free of cost on Able app. In courses section of app search for International Sales Process, and enroll in the course and complete it before interview.

What does a sales representative do?

Sales representatives give presentations, demonstrate and sell products or services to potential buyers, and negotiate sales terms.
If you want to know more about sales as a career you can read-

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